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WSO2Telco Mobile Identity Gateway Documentation

The WSO2.Telco Mobile Identity Gateway is a standalone solution capable of being the backbone of a fully integrated ID Strategy including SSO, federated ID services and more. The Mobile Identity Gateway is currently the only fully featured open source GSMA certified ID solution. MNO’s can freely download this component and deploy Mobile Connect or build a PoC by carrying out integrations to their network elements. Further SPs and enterprises can use this solution to implement a federated ID solution for their own use.

For Mobile Connect the WSO2.Telco Identity solution consists of authenticators for Levels of Assurance 2 and 3 (LOA2, LOA3) including Header enrichment, SMS, USSD and Smartphone applications. The solution also works with third party SIM applets and is GSMA Mobile Connect, GSMA OneAPI V3 and ETSI 102.204 compliant.


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